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The Hosts

We just love sports! Especially College Football!! Between all of our respective basement bars, the College Football season is madness. Just good friends that get together every Saturday drink, talk trash, and love us some CFB. We want to bring some of our knowledge and wild behavior to the world now. Expect nothing short of uncensored and unbridled sports talk and just plain fun!

Brian Keim

I am a sports enthusiast. Most of all, I am a die hard college football fan. Of course I have my team (Notre Dame), but I watch every game of every team I can and enjoy the sport. There are some that I view differently than other "sports analysts" though. But my pockets aren't being padded to push one conference or another. I have basement bar and patio of which parties are had for college football festivities. Let's enjoy the year of the most exciting season in sports!  Here's to beers, cheers, and college football with my peers!!

Adam Krueger

I am a sports enthusiast through and through!  My first love is THE Ohio State Buckeyes however. College Football is where my heart is but I truly love all sports. I want to bring my passion for sports to the masses in the way my friends and I do when we are hanging out in each others basement bars! Raw and uncensored  and full of damn fun!!

Sam Billingsley

Sports fans, sports fanatics and sports enthusiasts; Welcome! Sam's my name and college football is my passion. Huge Irish fan since 1980. Adam, my brother Brian and I had this dream to do our own podcast and now it's official. We love all  college football....period! We're not pros, just fun loving football fans. Join up every week and talk all sports realm around the world. Also I'm the reason for the the uncensored but all in good fun! Drinks on the house, Cheers !

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