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What a WEEKEND!!!

Boy was it a good weekend in sports. If you are from Ohio such as myself you are a happy camper when the Browns and Buckeyes win. There were upsets all over in College Football this weekend as well! I mean, Bowling Green knocking off Minnesota at home was probably the one that intrigued me the most with Clemson losing to NC State a close second. Needless to say they were not rowing the boat up there in Minnesota, that sum bitch was sinking! We were shown that Texas A&M was overrated just as we have been saying on our podcast all season. Baylor got a statement win against Iowa State and Oregon State won at USC for the first time since 1960. Kansas State getting beat by Oklahoma State was technically an upset but I think that they were playing good football and were also undefeated going into that game, so not really that big of an upset.

Anthony Joshua and Aleksandr Usyk fought this weekend as well for 4 of the 5 heavyweight belts and it did not go the way we thought here at Basement Bar Sports. Joshua pretty much got handled in the entire fight and looked like he was not in the fight mentally. I am not too sure if he thought he was just going to win on talent alone or just did not have the motivation that he needed to win the bout, but he did not look like the champ to me in that fight. We will see in the rematch if he comes out like he did in the Ruiz fight the second time and takes back the belts. This puts a unified title match on hold a little longer for all us boxing fans however. After the Wilder and Fury fight there will be others that are going to have to be fought now that the belts have been vacated from Joshua. We really wanted to see a Fury vs. Joshua fight for the unified and undisputed crown. Now we just wait to see how it all unfolds. Usyk was no slouch by any means in that fight and came out and did his thing, so props to him and his team for a good camp and fight.

The U.S. also put a whooping on Europe in the Ryder cup handing them the worst defeat ever 19-9. Way to go U.S. on that! It is nice to see some American golfers not named Tiger going out there and representing in the Ryder Cup and bringing it home for us.

Another great slate of games is up this weekend in College Football and we are looking for some more upsets to happen and more ranked teams to go down! Oklahoma and Alabama are on the hot seat for us as they enter the weekend against Kansas State and Ole Miss respectively. We are hoping for those two to be able to pull the upsets and make even more chaos in the CFB world this season. A good game on tap as well with Notre Dame and Cinci, looking forward to that one! Until next time! Check out the podcast on the website and leave us a question or two for the 2 minute drill!! I'm out!


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