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Week One College Football in the books

Week one was crazy!! We had some upsets, near upsets, and just some damn good games. One thing for sure we can say here at Basement Bar Sports is we are right about one thing, the preseason top 25 is crap. We won't see a true value on what the rankings will be until about week 5. Alot of teams have cupcakes this week and we will see how they all play out. Oregon goes into Ohio State for a top 25 match up and Iowa State and Iowa play in another top 25 match up. That is pretty much all there is for top 25 games this week. There are some outside looking in teams that need to impress to get in but that will still remain to be seen.

Regardless, it was great to see fans in the stands and some of the traditions such as Virginia Tech coming in to Enter Sandman and that place just jumping! Hopefully this season can continue to go unscathed by covid and we get a great 2021 of football and the passion of the game we all love! So glad to have college football back the right way!! Bring on week 2!!


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