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Week one College Football

Week 1 of the College Football season is going to have some absolutely amazing games!!

#4 Ohio State @ Minnesota #10 North Carolina @ Virginia Tech #19 Penn State @ #12 Wisconsin #1 Alabama @ #14 Miami #17 Indiana @ #18 Iowa #23 Louisiana @ #21 Texas #5 Georgia @ #3 Clemson #9 Notre Dame @ Florida State

Hell of a starting week!!! So ready for the season to start!!!

There are going to be so many great games to start the season and there are going to be some CFP implications that may be made in this week. However, we have seen the first week looked over before by the committee, so time will tell. I am pulling for Miami myself. I can't lie. I want to see hell in a hand basket right from the damn start of the season. BLOW IT UP FROM THE BEGINNING!!!


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