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Week 2 College and NFL starts

Well, week 2 is done in College football and we had the NFL officially start up this past week. First and foremost, the week in College was a crazy one for sure. We had a few upsets that were not expected and, to be honest, kind of pissed this guy writing off a bit!!! Ohio State of course blowing it at home to Oregon is what I am talking about here and it broke my heart. The defense just looked overmatched and made no adjustments to stop the Oregon offense. Oregon was able to score on the same damn run play three separate times for shit sake. A crack back block run to the weak side that broke the running back free and not a single defender was home and got sucked into the middle of the field every time. I have to agree with what I have been hearing around Columbus and that Coombs is not the answer at DC. Still, players need to play and execute.

There were some other upsets with Florida State getting beat by Jacksonville State and Utah losing to BYU. However, BYU is a damn good team and probably should have been ranked as it was anyways. Stanford gave USC a waxing which lead to Helton being out as the head coach at USC. There are many names that are being thrown out there for the next head coach of USC. Among those are Chris Peterson, Eric Bienemy, Luke Fickell, and even Urban Meyer. There were were some really close games that were not expected to be close as well. We saw Toledo give Notre Dame a run and Colorado give Texas A&M everything they could handle. It was a better week than we anticipated. Let's see what week 3 brings us.

The NFL started this week and we had some good action. The Browns put up a valiant effort against the Chiefs, but self inflicted wounds in the final quarter lost them the game. They are on the cusp of being that elite level team however. The pieces are there, it all just needs to be put into a full four quarters of play. The run game is top notch and really is probably one of, if not the best in the league with Chubb and Hunt. Beckham is going to be out again this week so it remains to be seen if he is going to be an asset this year or not. The defense looked good for the most part, they will continue to gel as the season progresses.

Some other action we saw Jameis Winston throw five touchdowns against the Packers and Aaron Rodgers looked pedestrian at best. Needless to say I believe that sitting behind Drew Brees and being coached by Sean Peyton has been the best thing for Winston. He may have his best year as a pro this year. The Steelers defense was able to get to Josh Allen a bit and pull one out in Buffalo against the Bills. The opening game between the Cowboys and Bucs was a great game and showed that Dak still has game after his injury last year. The Bucs are still the defending champs and have a lot of offense fire power behind Tom Brady. Now, to me the game of the week was the Monday night game between the Raiders and the Ravens. Holy cow, that overtime was crazy! What a crazy couple of minutes and one hell of a play call after a penalty that causes them to rethink a field goal to win the game and score a touchdown instead. I mean, who does that? Hell of a game.

Well we will be with more coverage of things next week! Next weekend we have a big fight in Boxing with Anthony Joshua defending his titles against Oleksandr Usyk on the 25th. We will certainly be talking about that on 4th & Uncensored and here on the blog pages. As usual college football will be topic of conversation!


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