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Trilogy fight that wasn't...

The UFC 264 fight card was packed with talent from the prelims to the main card. It was an entertaining evening and night to say the least. From knockouts to guys like Ryan Hall rolling around like rolly polly, Michael Pereira back flipping onto a guy, and my personal favorite, Tai Tuivasa drinking beer out of peoples shoes after knocking out Greg Hardy. The ladies put on a hell of a show with spectacular fights that were close in one fight with Jessica Eye and Jennifer Maia, and the knockout by Irene Aldana. Sean O'Malley looked great again connecting on over 80% of his strikes and certainly looks to deserve a title shot.

That brings be to the trilogy fight and the main event of the evening, Dustin Poirier and Conner McGregor. The third fight that was supposed to tell everyone who would have the title shot and end the beef between the two. However, we did not get that. Sadly it ended in a stoppage when McGregor snapped his leg on a weird step back when trying to parry with Poirier and the fight ended before we could get a legitimate winner. Dustin seemed to be in control of the fight to that point and it was leaning in his direction but it was close to the end of the round and it MMA, anything could have happened. So, we are all left to wonder what really could have been. There certainly was a lot of shit talking after the fight still so there is quite a bit of bad blood between the two. If he can come back and fight again there needs to be another fight, until then, Poirier needs to get his shot at the title, dude deserves it.


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