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The XXXII Olympiad

There have certainly been some headlines from the 2020/2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Probably the most glaring of course being that there are no spectators for the games. Again, the pandemic has reared its ugly head and we are left with an experience even through a television that is not quite as impactful as it would be having people in the stands and seeing the emotions and cheers coming from seats. Still, it is better to have the than not at all.

So far I have to say I am most impressed with Caeleb Dressel and his performances in the pool. The guy has been a damn beast! He took three individual gold medals and two gold medals in team relays. He swam a whole hell of a lot and certainly made his mark in swimming. All the while dealing with the pressure and the stress that comes with being a high profile Olympic athlete. This brings me to my next point. What disgusts me the most about the Olympics to this point.

The people that are being as nasty and just downright ignorant to the Simone Biles situation. This young woman has done an immense amount for not only the country, but young women everywhere for years. She made a decision to not put herself in harms way and possibly end her career prematurely and I hear this asshat Charlie Kirk call her a selfish sociopath?! WTF! This guy is a damn moron, first of all I would love to see him even do a damn back handspring or even balance on the beam or any thing that these gymnasts do. Second of all, shut up dick. Now I am a person that believes that we are not raising the strongest generation of youth. We need to get them off the screens and out in the fields and in the dirt a hell of a lot more don't get me wrong. This however is asinine. You are talking about someone that could paralyze themselves or actually die by landing wrong because she is literally that powerful on her routines. All for what, your sense of American pride of a gold medal? Who is really being a selfish sociopath there? Enough of my soap box on that issue.

Track and field is starting up and I am interested to see who is going to step up now that Bolt is not running for the men. Hopefully we can bring a gold home in the 100m and 200m now. In golf we took the gold with Xander Schauffele playing very well. Women's softball just missed getting the gold and took silver. I personally love the fact that Suni Lee was able to step up and win the all around in gymnastics, what a great job! How about Lee Kiefer in fencing, first gold for the U.S. ever!

Still some days left of the games and we are currently ahead in the overall medal count, just behind in the gold medal count. I believe we can certainly take over by the time it is all said and done! U.S.A.!!!


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