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Name, Image, and Likeness; is it going to ruin College Sports?

There is a lot of talk about NIL right now and it seems to be centered on the college football world. The most money in college athletics is made by football programs at the major schools and even at the lower level schools as well. The real question here though is; will it be good for the players and the schools in the long run? I am inclined to say no. I will explain why. This is not an end all be all list of ways that the players can earn money, but here is some of them.

  • Autograph Sales

  • Endorsement Deals

  • Merchandise

  • Private Training Lessons

  • Sponsored posts or advertisements via social media

  • YouTube Channels and Twitter videos

Now there are some other ways I am sure that the legislation passed has outlined. Here is where I believe it will get difficult for everyone involved. The big boys are going to take all the top recruits and it is going to be a top heavy game. Right now we can see a team like USF have a claim to be in the Playoff but that is going to be a short lived era. The recruitment process is going to have NIL be a big part of the kitchen table talk with the parents and kid. It is going to be less about what kind of education they can bring to the table and learn to be productive citizens and people. It is all going to be driven by money. We already have a lot of issues with college football being money driven when it comes to the bowl games and the Playoffs. No one can say that money is not a part of the selection process, what is the biggest draw we can get and what is the best for business.

I am a college football fan. I love to see the upsets and the pageantry and all the things that come with it. I believe that these kids are getting used at the same time. It is thin line and one that I believe is going to be crossed to the wrong side and ruin what a lot of people love about the game. Blending the amateur and professional sports world is not going to be easy and that is what is being done. Hopefully we see a product that is not ruined by the whole thing and we can all still see a game that is pure and kids that want to play for the love of the game and chance to make it to the big show. Time will tell.


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